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Fellowship Mission Hospital has been in service for more than six decades now. It is

a health care centre functioning under the Marthoma Medical Mission which caters for the

medical needs of the general public in the Central Travancore area. The hospital is rendering

signal services to the society at large. The Marthoma Medical Mission has been registered

under the Charitable Societies Act. The Chairman of the Marthoma Medical Mission is the

Metropolitan of the Marthoma Church. The hospital is situated by the Tiruvalla-Kumbazha

road at a distance of about 300mtrs from the Kumbanad Junction.

The late Dr.Jacob Ommen (Kalamannil Thampy Doctor) brother of the
Most.Rev.Dr.Philipose Mar Chrysostam Valiyametropolitan started a small dispensary at
Kumbanad Village in May 1946 when there were no hospitals in the nearby area. Eventually
in the early 50’s a few beds were provided in a thatched shed to treat seriously sick patients
as ‘In patients’. With the financial support of local residents a couple of building was
constructed and the Fellowship Hospital, as we see now, came into existence. When
Dr.Jacob Oommen left for higher studies, the Marthoma Medical Mission under Malankara
Marthoma Sabha took over the management of the hospital in the second half of 1950’s.

Despite numerous handicaps, mainly on account of Doctors, the hospital lingered on
and during 1970’s when Dr.Jacob oommen returned to Kumbanad, an earnest effort was
made by the Hospital Management to recruit committed Professionals to main departments
like Medicine, Surgery, Ortho, Gynaec, Paediatric etc. To-day, the institution functions as a

multispecialty hospital with a capacity of 100 beds, having 14 highly qualified consultants
and professionals. Deluxe single rooms with A/C and T.V.Ordinary single rooms, rooms
with double occupancy facilities and Dormitory, when there are more than 2 patients, are
available. There are Operation Theatre, ICCU facility, X-ray and ECG units. Pharmacy,
Laboratory and casualty section working round the clock. Blood Bank and Dialysis Centre
with 4 Dialysis machines are attached to the hospital. Mortuary and Mobile Mortuary
facilities are added and there are 4 Ambulances including 2 A/C ambulances at present, out
of which one is used as a Mobile Unit to visit and treat elderly people confined to their


Mobile Clinic
Blood Bank
Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Dialysis Centre

Many Senior citizens live all alone at their residences and most of them are incapable
of freely moving around. They need help and medical care the most which the hospital seeks
to provide. The scheme involves visiting the old and the infirm at their homes to give them
periodic check ups and treatment. To serve their needs, a team comprising of experienced
consultant Physician and trained Paramedics do their rounds in a fully equipped mobile
medical unit regularly. Their medical reports are sent to their dear ones who sponsor them,
to any part of the world. Mobile service to patients confined to homes continues to function
and almost 200 homes are visited, every month. Emergency calls are also answered when
such need arises. This has been a great relief to patients who come under the above
category. Such service which has been there for the last sixteen years is the only one of its
kind, rendered by any hospital in the vicinity.

The hospital commissioned a blood bank, where bleeding and testing are done under
the most hygienic conditions. This is possible with the generous financial support by
Mrs.Lilly Varghese, wife of the late Dr.K.T.Varghese, Karimparampil, Manjadi, Tiruvalla.
He was working here as a Medical consultant. The blood is used for the in-house surgical
cases as well as for other hospitals like Kattanam Marthoma Medical Hospital,
Pathanamthitta District Hospital and a few other hospitals.

The Dialysis centre has been added to other facilities with funds provided by the Abu
Dhabi Marthoma Parish. The Parish undertook to do this in commemoration of its 40 th
anniversary. Only a nominal fee in levied from the patients who undergo dialysis here.
Dialysis has been going on for the past one year and poor patients who cannot afford the
experse are also treated. The money for this is donated by various parishes and individuals.

Alexander Marthoma Memorial Geriatric and Palliative Care Centre.

Insurance Schemes

During 2006-2007 a separate block was constructed at the ancestral property of
His Grace The Most.Rev.Dr.Philipose Mar Chrysostam and his younger brother the late
Dr.Jacob Oommen to take care of the aged and bed-ridden patients. The centre is in the
adjacent property of the hospital and therefore the residents of the centre can get medical
attention and if necessary hospitalization. This is a unique advantage. The centre is having a
dedicated doctor and a team of Nursing staff and attendants. Deluxe Rooms with single

occupancy, double occupancy and Dormitory facility for 4 patients of the same gender, are
available and an approximate number of around 90 patients are being accommodated in this
block. All rooms are having attached toilets and bathrooms. A/C and telephone are
provided at extra cost, if needed. Food is cooked under the supervision of a Dietitian and
served in the rooms at fixed time. If special diet is suggested by the Doctor/ Dietician it is
also served, particularly for patients who are tube fed.

The hospital has various insurance schemes run by insurance companies, B S N L and the
likes. We have already applied for E.C.H.S which covers the treatment of Ex-service


Departments & Services

The hospital is managed by an Administrator appointed by the Metropolitan of the
Malankara Marthoma Sabha His Grace The Most Rev.Dr.Joseph Marthoma, is the chairman
of the Hospital Advisory Committee. The Administrator who is appointed by the
Metropolitan is in full charge of the Institution and he is assisted by a Medical Supdt and a
Nursing Supdt. One of the members of H A C is designated as Treasurer, who has signing
powers of Bank withdrawals jointly with the Administrator.

That has been and is Fellowship Mission Hospital, Kumbanad. From a humble three rooms
rural clinic, it has grown to the level of a superspecialty hospital. A detailed list of the
different Departments has already been furnished on the foregoing pages. The Hospital can
boast of a team of well qualified doctors, nurses and paramedical staff dedicated to the care
of the sick and the suffering.

There is no question of refusing medical aid to any ailing one just because he or she has no
money to pay. We are always on the look out for donations from the rich and the generous.

General Medicine
General Surgery
Blood Bank
Dialysis Centre
Geriatric Centre
Mobile Home Services

All is not our merit but by the grace of our Lord jesus

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FellowShip Mission Hospital Kumbanad


To ensure excellent healthcare through selfless service, professional integrity and team work.


Deliverance of high quality healthcare.


Our greatest asset and we ensure that we have highly experienced physicians, surgeons and well trained support staff who work as one team.


Accident & Emergency Care

Trauma remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide and a well-organized and experienced emergency response system is essential for any hospital to cope with mortality and morbidity related to trauma.Our team is available round-the-clock and is committed to saving lives.


A woman’s life is marked by unique changes that occur with time: from attaining menarche, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. These changes do bring about problems, directly or indirectly associated with the reproductive system and hence requires a separate branch of medicine that focuses on these areas.


our Cardiac Emergency Response Team constitutes some of the leading Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiac Anesthetists assisted by well-trained medical and paramedical staff. Services is available round the clock to bring you world class expertise in complete Cardiac Care. 


Old age is the law of the nature and an inevitable phase of human life. This Institution enables the aged women to face this stage courageously providing necessary strength through proper physical, mental and spiritual guidance.As a part of assisting the discriminated aged women we also started a Day Care home in this compound. We try to look after the poor and needy twenty grand parents who live in this village

General Medicine

 A medical concern calls for the first impression of an internist, a doctor of General Medicine. From teen years to old care, we have the best team for advanced care in complex diseases. We are there to manage common illnesses including rashes, common viruses and infections, coughs and colds, Infection, aches and pain, injuries and contusions, cholesterol, diabetes, muscle sprains and strains.




Department of Nephrologynephrology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the Kidney, including electrolyte disturbances and hypertension. Renal replacement therapy including dialysis and renal transplant are also carried out by Nephrologists. Many systemic disorders that affect Kidneys like Vasculitis and auto-immune diseases like lupus are also treated in this department.

A.M.M Centre

Old Age Home

Old age is the law of the nature and an inevitable phase of human life. This Institution enables the aged women to face this stage courageously providing necessary strength through proper physical, mental and spiritual guidance. Accordingly now there are 130 grannies who find shelter beneath the roof of this institution. All of them are brought here either by their family members or by the social workers. The only criterion for the admission is that the woman should be aged or disabled and must come with the recognition letter either from the parish vicar or from the local governmental authorities as Police officials, Panchayat President Etc.

As a part of assisting the discriminated aged women we also started a Day Care home in this compound. We try to look after the poor and needy twenty grand parents who live in this village

Indian culture is rich and diverse and as a result unique in its very own way. It is the duty of our generation, to handover those values to the coming generations with all its vitality.

India’s cultural view of elderly care is the back bone of our family system. When there were joint families and people were not hard pressed for time, there was always someone to take care of the elderly. Traditionally, elderly care has been the responsibility of family members and was provided within the extended family home.Parents are typically cared for by their children into old age, most commonly by their sons. It should be noted that here elderly citizens are viewed in very high regard. Traditional values demand honor and respect for older, wiser people.

No one can stem the tide of youth, for old age catches up with everyone. It is a global phenomena and one that needs to be addressed. The aspect of elderly care gathers greater significance in the light of the fact that families are becoming nuclear and want to stay that way. Hence this is not only a private concern but also a public one where the state or social institutions come into play. 

        But we can never avoid or neglect the role of our family system in our culture. On the other hand we have to strengthen it with enough social support. Old age homes and elderly care projects should never become dumping yards for elderly people. Every single step we take to give attention to our senior citizens must be genuine supporting initiatives for our age old family system.

Let us remember one of the most precious concepts, nurtured by The Father of our Nation. Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of the ideal community worked on the principles of total acceptance of all faiths, and living together in harmony. Today, in a society that is growing farther apart, there might be a need to reconsider the Gandhian way of life, and develop a sense of belonging.  We expect, in our A.M.M.C campus everyone feel the warmth of unity and togetherness. In India anything our masters suggest will be with an aim to strive for the elevation of every single soul to the ultimate goal, whatever you call it; perfection,moksha, self- realization or anything else. Let us salute them and pray for the well being of every single creation.

Clinical Excellence

Our dedicated medical team, that includes eminent doctors and equally proficient medical, paramedical and administrative personnel, brings you world-class medical expertise and patient care.   ‘Fellowship Team’ works with a drive determined on a focus of experience, expertise and care. The team led by a set of experienced hands has moulded a legacy of excellence in Women’s Health care arena. Fellowship Mission Hospital has foremost medical practitioners with clinical expertise, hands-on experience and medical research in prominent branches of the medical health care spectrum.

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